About Karen

Hi there! I’m Karen. You may know me from my “day job” as the owner of a DIY/home decorating blog.

I started the blog in February 2007 on a free blogging host called Blogger. At the time, I knew absolutely nothing about computers, blogging, or websites, but I knew I had knowledge about a topic that I loved and I wanted to share it with people.

After a year of blogging, I decided to add a content website, and I took it upon myself to build my own website, teaching myself HTML along the way. My site was nothing fancy in the beginning, but over the years, as I learned more HTML, and later learned CSS, my little website grew into something I was pretty proud of.

Fast forward four years…

In December of 2011, I decided to move my HTML website and my Blogger blog over to WordPress. I was scared to death at the time, completely convinced that WordPress would be too difficult to learn. But I took to WordPress like a fish to water, and quickly realized that WordPress was the only way I’d ever build another website or blog.

So now, I have all of the WordPress sites I need for myself, but I love designing WordPress sites so much that I don’t want to stop! Can I design one for you? :)